British and Irish Semmelweis Students Association

1.1 There shall be an association representing British and Irish students at Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary.
1.2 The name of that association shall be British and Irish Semmelweis Student Association (BISSA).
1.3 The association shall be the sole representative body of its members in pursuance of its aims and objectives.


2.1 To represent and protect the full membership of BISSA on matters affecting their interests and welfare.
2.2 To work as a democratic and transparent organisation.
2.3 To promote British and Irish students of Semmelweis University.
2.4 To actively pursue good relations with other student bodies.
2.5 To provide a recognised representative channel between its members and Semmelweis University.
2.6 To establish and facilitate liaison with the general public and any associations with shared interests.
2.7 To promote the educational and social interests of the members of BISSA.
2.8   To establish and facilitate liaison between the members of BISSA and the healthcare profession of the United Kingdom and Ireland.
2.9 To promote Irish and British culture in its duties at Semmelweis University.

3.0  Roles of the BISSA Executive Committee Members
3.1   Chairman
3.1.1   Chairs all BISSA meetings.
3.1.2   Ensures that all decisions made by the Executive Committee are
3.1.3   Provides support for other members of the executive committee.
Embassies and liase external with interests

3.2 Vice Chairperson

3.2.1 Will assist chairman in his/her tasks.
3.2.2 Responsible for assisting incoming students.

3.3 Educational Officer

3.3.1 The Educational Officer will give support to students with regard to their
education and academic issues.

3.4 Social Secretary

3.4.1 Organises events including, but not limited to, merrymaking for incoming students.

3.5 Secretary
3.5.1   Records the minutes at all of the meetings, to be published, in a manner decided by the committee; no later than five academic days after the meeting. 3.5.2   Deals with the general business of the BISSA.
3.5.3  Presents an Annual Report.
3.5.4 Liaises with other university societies related to social events, student affairs and other common objectives.

3.6   Treasurer
3.6.1   Keeps an account of all the money received and of all payments made.
3.6.2 Presents a balance sheet and a detailed account at the AGM.
3.7   Communications Officer
3.7.1   Maintains BISSA website and other BISSA related online resources.
3.7.3   Is responsible for communication between the executive committee and association members.

4.0   Membership
4.1   Open to current and prospective British and Irish students of Semmelweis University.

5.0   Annual General Meeting
5.1   An AGM shall be held every year at a time and place agreed upon by the executive committee.
5.2   Nomination and election of new committee members will occur during the AGM, in addition to a report of the past years activities and financial status.

6.0  Amendment of Constitution
6.1   The BISSA Constitution should be considered and approved at the first meeting of every Executive Committee.
6.2 Amendment of the constitution must be agreed upon at the AGM by a 2/3rds majority.